Sunday, September 22, 2013

Blogger and Google+ pictures uploading with grey backgrounds

If you use Google Blogger or Google+, and have uploaded photos recently you've probably ran into this.. Without any information from Google it turns out if you upload pictures with a light or white background your pictures will have the background turned grey after being uploaded. See below as an example.

Google altered picture

Non-Google altered picture

The fix is pretty easy.. First if you haven't associated the Google+ service with your account, you're going to have to. Unfortunately Google buried two settings in there that affect your Google wide account when uploading pictures to any of their services even if you're not uploading the pictures to Google+. The reason behind it has something to do with changes Google made to Picasa, which is the photo uploading service that backs all Google services.

Once you've made it into your Google+ account, go to your account settings, then Google+ settings. Scroll down until you see the "Photos" section settings, and uncheck the two boxes shown below.